Pressing GO

Welcome to my new website! This little puppy has been a few months in the physical making, but truthfully for the past few years I’ve been mulling over a return to blogging.  So – I’m back!  But completely different.  In 2008 (which was zero dark 100 in the blogging world) I created a wedding website/blog that got a lot of traction.  For three years it afforded me the creative outlet to flex my entrepreneurial muscles and grow something that was MINE MINE MINE!  In it’s peak we were reaching half a milly viewers a day and we were the number one wedding blog in Canada. Not-so-humble brag 😉

But did I want to talk about weddings for the rest of my life? (I mean, I don’t even like veils)


Not only that – It wasn’t exactly paying the bills.  While I LOVED writing and blogging, monetizing that beast was a completely different ballgame.  The perks did include travel to some pretty luxurious destinations – but hi, I need to pay for groceries please.

I get it, your passion doesn’t HAVE to pay the bills.  But I wanted it to.  I wanted to work, and get paid for my hard work.  Which was around the time that Social Marketing entered my life.  I stepped back from blogging and grew something massive.  I believed in the company.  I believed in getting back to my love for health and wellness.  And more than anything I fell in love with helping people whom I worked with. OH AND HI I HAD SO MUCH FUN DOING IT.  And yes, I got paid for my efforts this time.  You can love what you do for work and make a decent income.  It IS a thing!

Rubber. Meet Road.

Fast forward to today and THIS blog.  This will be a hub for all things business, lifestyle and wellness.  Because those topics are not mutually exclusive.  I’m no guru (unless we’re talking about online shopping. I’m pretty boss at that), I use too much dry shampoo like the rest of you, but I’m here to share the trade secrets re: feeling chill, building that thing you’ve been chicken to build, and being healthy while you’re at it.  Wine lovers welcomed.  xo

Headband: H&M  |  Blanket: Tribe & True

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