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3 easy antioxidants to add to your smoothie

smoothie, vegan, healthy, protein,Behold! Antioxidants you can easily add into your daily smoothie AND you can (mostly) pronounce! Antioxidants should be your BFF since they help prevent and slow down healthy cell damage which protects you from getting sick.

My daily smoothie is a non negotiable. Mostly because in the mornings I’m lazy level 12 when it comes to breakfast.  So smoothies check off all boxes in terms of convenience, ease, and health.  I always add vegan protein into them as well, since it digests the easiest and gets my protein intake going first thing in the morn.

As captain lazy pants in terms of smoothie production, here are my top three picks for INCREDIBLE, easy antioxidant boosters in your daily smoothie.

  1. BLEWBS aka Blueberries

smoothie, vegan, healthy, protein,  In short – blueberries are the bomb.  Not only do they carry special antioxidants but they also contain omega-9, a fatty acid and powerful anti-inflammatory.  Also they’re delicious.  Also they’re cute and make your smoothie a bomb colour.


2. Greens Balance Powder

smoothie, vegan, healthy, protein,

Truth is that for most of us to eat our daily greens – it’s a struggle.  I’m a HUGE advocate of healthy supplements simply because the average bear out there is hustling around a busy life and sometimes getting your daily intake of veggies isn’t exactly top of mind.  This is where an incredible greens balance powder becomes your saving grace.  I’ll be the first to say I probably don’t have more than a handful of different veggies a day BUT my greens powder has 37 different fruits and vegetables in it.  Things like spirulina, kale, artichoke, broccoli, spinach, alfalfa, barley grass, and wheat grass contain chlorophyll along with vitamins A, K and E…and that’s just the greens! It also contains a ton of red and blue fruits – which totally help the taste along with a little dash of stevia they’ve included.  It’s a must have in my house.  Even if you don’t have it daily, it’s a great way to supplement for those days on the go.

3. Acas Berry

smoothie, vegan, healthy, protein,

(For the record it’s pronounced ah-sigh-EE. You’re welcome) Açaí is a bit of a butt kicker in the antioxidant department, with over double the antioxidants of blueberries, they really pack their nutritional punch. They’re also chalk full of healthy fats, and calcium. Since most of us don’t have them kicking around the house fresh (they’re actually derived from a palm), I use an acai berry powder to get my fix. Açaí smoothies are amazing when paired with bananas and other berries.  I usually add less water/almond milk and make mine into more of a smoothie bowl!

Happy smoothie-ing!

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