3 vegan breakfasts in under 5 minutes

I’m not a huge breakfast person – mostly cuz I’m super lazy when it comes to “cooking” in the morning.  I need it quick.  And yummy.  And nutritious.  These are my top three vegan breakfasts.  Each of them super high in nutrients!

  1. Chocolate Protein Shake: Super easy. One cup of water, one cup of unsweetened almond milk, ice, 2 scoops of vegan chocolate protein, handful of spinach, one scoop of Fibre Boost.  Mix it up in a blender.  This is my chocolate fix for the day.  It definitely keeps my sugar cravings at bay.  I have different versions of this protein shake 6 out of 7 mornings because I love it so much!
  2. Zoats: Hi, I’m a volume eater.  Don’t look at me like that, it’s the truth.  I like bigger servings.  And adding zucchini into your oatmeal allows for you to up the volume without upping the carbs.  Here’s my fave recipe: 1/2 cup oats. 1 cup zucchini, shredded. 1 cup water. Pinch of sea salt. 1/2 scoop plant-based protein powder. 1/2 banana, mashed. 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon. 1 tablespoon sliced almonds. Cook the water, zucchini and oats as you would oatmeal.  Then add in the rest of the ingredients at the end just until they’re warmed through.  Some even add some egg whites to up the protein (obviously not vegan at that point).  Totally up to you!
  3. Overnight Oats: You really can’t get easier than this.  Slap these ingredients into a jar the night before and it’s ready for you to grab and go by morning. There’s so many recipes for overnight oats, it’s insane.  But here’s my fave basic recipe: Half of a large ripe/spotty banana, mashed.  Half of a peeled apple, chopped small.  2 tablespoons chia seed. 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/2 cup gluten-free rolled oats. 3/4 cup almond milk. 1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract. Sometimes in the morning I add a bit more almond milk depending on the consistency. Some like it with maple syrup but I’m good with it “naked”.  This is so refreshing in the morning when I don’t feel like hot oatmeal.  

PS I’m not a vegan.  But I work with a vegan brand and have a real focus on eating plant based for 80-100% of my day.  For those of you who are DYING to label me…I guess I’m a flexitarian.  It means I don’t always eat meat.  But I do.  When I feel like it.

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    1. Love those recipes! I have a thyroid disorder (underactive) and right eating habits are so important and keep me off medications (hormones)…. at least it’s been working for me at this still fairly early stage. My favorite protein shake is with coconut milk and strawberries or almond milk and avocado – yummy 🙂 Nutrition is everything! x

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