3 huge mistakes I made in business

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Basically guys, I’m going to tell you the times I’ve proverbially stepped in doggie doo in business and walked around for a bit too long without realizing it.  Ya.  That’s the analogy I’m choosing here.  And trust me it’s appropriate!

  1. I tried to make it look EASY, breezy.  When I first started my business and started building a team, I was almost obsessed at making it look as easy as possible for people.  I think deep down I thought if people knew having a side hustle involved some sort of struggle, people would bounce.  And the fact is that business can be SIMPLE and not easy at the same time.  Ya see, I got those things confused.  Many do.  Owning your own side hustle can be simple (especially if you’re doing something that already has a structure to it like social marketing) BUT, yeah it’s not always going to be easy.  Especially when we psyche ourselves out at the first sign of trouble on the entrepreneurial path.  BUT.  Good news is that getting out of that head of yours and back on track is simple.  As simple as shutting down the nonsense spinning in that pretty head of yours, and taking the next step.  Virtually any bad, “uneasy” thing, can be navigated with that simple equation. Stop obsessing, do the next thing.
  2. I dragged my feet about reading. I much rather netflix or read a murder mystery book then pick up a business book. Heck I rather do a killer workout than read most days.  So that’s what I did my first year in business.  I didn’t DO the work on education myself.  Praying for it to reach my head by means of osmosis, I white knuckled my way through that first year…stupidly…instead of just realizing that EVERY topic, EVERY issue you’re going through – someone has gone through it before.  And succeeded.  All you need to do is read about it, and learn what NOT to do, and what TO do.  So now, I read constantly.  I still rather zone out to a really bad reality TV show.  But I carve out the time so that I can save myself the mental anguish of unnecessary mistakes and make better choices in business.
  3. I massively undervalued vulnerability.  Tied in to making it look easy, meant that I never truly shared my ups and downs with those around me, even those on my team.  The second I cracked that bad boy open and shared the true ups and downs with those around me, and even prospective business partners, not only did I feel immensely better and more myself – but people came a-running to thank me for being more relatable and sharing the real goods with them.  AND more people wanted to work with me now that they knew I was a real warm blooded mammal and not some weird wizard who made it to the top with zero problems.  Tell the truth in business, friends.  And you can do that and still retain your privacy.  We’re not talking about the colour of your undies today, we’re talking about being an honest advocate about the amazing blessings and bumps that come along with being your own boss.

What I’m wearing: Sweater and skirt: Club Monaco | Backpack: Loeffler Randall from Saks | Jacket: APC from Jonathan and Olivia | Boots: Nordstrom

fashion, winter fashion, entrepreneur, fashion, winter fashion, entrepreneur, fashion, winter fashion, entrepreneur, fashion, winter fashion, entrepreneur,

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    1. Thank you for sharing Chantale. The vulnerability part scares the crap out of me. I fear that people won’t see me as a leader they can learn from and follow because I have an inner struggles I’m dealing with.

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