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Can you kick it?

social marketing, business advice, entrepreneur blog, lifestyle blog, adidas,

social marketing, business advice, entrepreneur blog, lifestyle blog, adidas, Today’s post is for the professional procrastinators.  The peeps who are constantly talking themselves out of going for “it’. (IT being the new project, the new gig, the side hustle), and always talking themselves into just Netflixing their problems away.

Zero disses to Netflix but if you’re like me, you’ve likely logged enough time on there as is and even carving out HALF that time to FINALLY get busy doing something new and exciting is HIGHLY ADVISABLE.  But.  How to start?  Today we’re talking about the top 3 ways to get out there and KICK IT with your new project.

  1. STOP WITH THE PERFECTIONIST CRAP.  Give it up.  Ya ain’t fooling anyone. If you’re waiting for the perfect time, perfect place, perfect chunk of change to land in your lap to start your epic project – get real, kid.  It doesn’t work that way.  While I highly recommend planning your project out – don’t hide out in the realm of waiting for the perfect scenario.  In the meantime the people who get stuff done are well, ya busy getting stuff done.  If you’ve had this idea for awhile, it’s time to pony up and….
  2. SET A LAUNCH DATE and START NOW.  Working backwards from a specific date keeps you on track and on task.  Most projects need time to develop.  But be mindful if you’re purposefully setting these far off deadlines just simply so you don’t have to “go for it”, RIGHT NOW.  Depending what your project is, you’ll need lead time.  But many side hustles require virtually no time to pull the trigger and get rolling.  It’s one of the many reason I’m an advocate for Social Marketing and the “click and go” businesses.  Either way, make sure the action starts NOW.  And that the action isn’t trolling Facebook or doodling in a notebook.  We’re talking pressing go and taking the next step, rinse and repeat.
  3. ANTICIPATE THE HILLS, and TAKE THEM.  While we all want the gratification of instant, stadium cheering success, with every new venture there will be obstacles.  Anticipate them.  And like a runner, training to increase their overall speed – take the hill.  Don’t go around them.  Don’t fall over and quit on the first sight of a bump in the road – start this ball rolling KNOWING there will be bumps but that you’ve already decided to see it to the other side.  It’s really not that some people are just “better” at this or that.  The truth is they just committed to the tenacity and commitment needed to see it to the other side.  Decide the same thing, and you got this, friend.

So what does me in Adidas gear have to do with kicking it in business? Nothing really.  It’s just a go-to outfit for my basic day of meetings with my team and possible new teammates. Six years ago I wore slacks to a corporate job.  ME.  SLACKS.  LIKE HOW did that happen?  Well the more important focus is that I get to wear what I want to wear and do the work I want to do, because I took the three steps above and got busy.  You can either choose the comfort of where you’re at now or choose the discomfort of doing something new…but ending up somewhere great and different.  But you can’t have both.  You decide, power suits or kicks.

social marketing, business advice, entrepreneur blog, lifestyle blog, adidas,  social marketing, business advice, entrepreneur blog, lifestyle blog, adidas,

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