BYOB Clothing

And by BYOB, I mean Be-Your-Own-Boss.  It’s something my team and I have been celebrating all month.    Being your own boss isn’t always a walk in the park – but it has many rewards.  Rewards that far outweigh the hustle.  Today I’m highlighting one of my fave rewards: my work attire may not look like your work attire.

When I worked in corporate I owned multiple pairs of slacks.  No more horrible sentence has ever been typed.  I’m pretty grateful they’ve since been evicted from my closet and now that I work for myself – well I get to dress as I please.  Which means less

Spring is around the corner and I did a mini haul.  Starring: My new spring jacket!  And in my humble opinion, the perfect spring jacket. (Michael and friends call it my space jacket).  And more importantly – this jacket just. went. on. sale.  (Link below!)

I haven’t put away the winter jacket yet – but some pieces are finally coming out of hibernation and this jacket was the perfect spring treat to keep me optimistic that spring, is in fact around the corner.  

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