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Slumps happen.  I don’t care who you are.  What you do.  They happen.  They can happen at work, with your health, even in relationships.

Today we’re getting out of the slump and back into slay mode.

To be honest, I personally find futility in analyzing the “why” of the slump for more than 2.5 seconds.  Like whyyyyy are people in slumps? The merry-go-round of reasons are the same for virtually everyone: doubt, lack of passion, lack of creativity…. We could analyze it to death but the bottom line is that you want a one way ticket out of slumpsville.  Here’s how to plow your way back to productivity and results:

  1. Get happy.  DON’T YOU EYE ROLL THIS AS BASIC. There’s zero way you’re going to start feeling motivated if you’re a grump.  The decision to feel good is the start of everything…well, good.  This could be as basic as you deciding to stop complaining about your gut, stop moaning over your bank account, stop focusing on the negative, and get out there and do something that makes you feel great.  The decision to be happy over and over again, and maybe shut down that negative chatter in your head, is a habit that you have to commit to building. Like, now.
  2. Plan the plan. Whatever you’re wanting to jump back into – I love having a binocular/microscope plan.  It’s likely super easy for you to identify your major goal at the moment (get fit, get out of debt, work your side hustle to the point of being able to quit your soul sucking day job) – which is great – that’s your binocular goal.  Something a bit more down the road but it’s your end game.  But equally and perhaps even MORE important, is what you’re going to do today about it.  That’s your microscope goal. This is the meat and potatoes of getting-stuff-done.  It’s the daily actions and shots you take that lead to your big goal.  Most people completely underestimate this fact and keep pushing back the deadline of their microscope goal.  The “I’ll do it tomorrow” disease.  Tomorrow turns into next week, and next week turns into next month, and before you know it, seasons have changed and you’re exactly where you don’t want to be. Take 3-5 steps TODAY that’ll get you back into action, AND INCIDENTALLY that feeling once you’ve done the 3-5 steps is called ACCOMPLISHMENT laced with PRIDE and it’s something that will help you build the habit of forward motion.  Yup, right to your goal.
  3. Create your A-game kit (aka your slump prevention kit). This is your fool proof arsenal of things that keep you feeling good.  It may include a routine of getting up and reading 5 pages of your fave {positive} book, writing in a gratitude journal, praying, writing down your goals for the day, AND last but not least, making time for leisure items that make you super happy (hi wine. hi Netflix). Visualizing has long been a tool in my kit that I’ve used.  I visualize daily.  What I want down the road.  What it looks like.  Even how I feel in the future.  It’s helped so many times when I feel anxiety creep in and it keeps my goals real.
  4. Build a posse. Birds of a feather – yup find your squad of like minded people who will uplift you. Not the naysayers.  You’re looking for people who will call you on your crap when you’re contemplating your navel too much.  People with goals, a positive outlook and who aren’t afraid to go for it.  And your job in that posse is to commit to helping build them up when that cloud of doubt starts creeping over their heads.  That community will keep you going and will be so valuable in helping you dodge huge puddles in life.

    So. You sick of your slump? Try on the above and see how it fits. Because slumps are just so not “you”.

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