vegan makeup, daily regime, beauty

My vegan makeup routine

vegan makeup, daily regime, beauty vegan makeup, daily regime, beauty

One of the biggest beauty mistakes I see women make is to use high quality skincare, only to top it all off with low quality makeup.  It all goes on your face, into your skin, and into your system! And it definitely effects the quality of your skin and your final look.  I’m a five minute face girl for the most part.  And I’m going to walk you through my desert island makeup picks!

  1. CC Cream.  Think: the more polished, hydrating cousin of the bb cream.  This stuff is made from one part unicorns and one part ponies. But seriously, it’s magical. It covers over a multitude of sins and honestly if there’s ONE product I can literally wear-and-go before the gym – this is it.  The one I use comes with a built in primer.  It’s vegan, mineral oil free, paraben free, and does NOT test on animals (sadly most makeup out there does, and is not cruelty free).  Oh and did I mention it’s anti aging?  YEAH.
  2. Concealer. While I rely on my eye cream to help tone down the circle under my eyes situation, my concealer helps brighten and smoothen the skin around my eyes.
  3. Bronzer/blush. Both my bronzer and blush are high pigmented and last a loooooong time.  I’m talking, ages.  It’s the best value for sure.  But more importantly, there’s no muddy, dirtiness to the finish.  Both leave me with a bit of a dewy vibe that helps me look awake, no matter how tired I am. (Note: my go-to blush colour is Blossom. Same colour as Orgasm by Nars – except better pigment and vegan/cruelty free)
  4. Mascara. Let’s slow it down a second.  I rarely leave the house without mascara.  I love it.  Like a bit too much.  But in my late 20’s, I noticed my lashes weren’t as full as they use to be.  A little digging around, and I realized that most mascaras have TAR in them, which over the course of time, weaken your eyelashes.  My go-to mascara doesn’t contain tar, and is a layering mascara so you can go ahead and put on as little or as much as you’d like, depending on your day or evening look.  It’s hands down the best mascara I’ve ever used.
  5. Lip gloss/Lipstick.  You’ve heard the quotes – we eat a bananas amount of lipstick throughout our lifetime.  I prefer if mine is vegan since I know most are chalk full of animal “fat”.  I need something colourful that lasts all day, and I’ve never been disappointed with the colour variety and longevity of this stuff.  Hibiscus is my absolute fave colour and is shown below.  I kid you not, it looks good on EVERYONE.

It goes without saying that I start this whole process off with my bomb skincare regime that I’ve super duper perfected over time.  More on that in another post!

Note: For all products I’ve linked to, there’s options for 20-50% off. You can email me for info.

vegan makeup, daily regime, beauty

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