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So I heard reports that my last tabata workout I posted left some people walking funny for a few days. Not sorry! I’m glad it was a challenging workout. 

Today I’m going to share with you my stairs interval workout AND this new Nike running jacket I’m obsessed with.  Cute, right? It’s the perfect lightweight jacket for spring.  I had a hard time finding a good one, this one is perfection.

Ok back to the workout!  This is a high intensity interval workout or HIIT workout.  The benefits of doing stair intervals or stair drills or any HIIT workout are incredible.  Aside from being an incredible fat-burner, drills can also improve your overall speed when running since it builds strength.  Stair sprints target the glutes, quads and calves. And the bonus is you can find stairs in virtually every neighbourhood.  Free of charge.

Depending on the stairs you find, your intervals will want to be short bursts of speed. My local stairs has about 70-80 stairs.  Which I try to do 7-10 times.  The amazing things is how quickly you build endurance doing stairs.  Last week I did two stair interval training workouts, the first one I was DYING after 7 intervals.  But a few days later, I was able to finish 9 intervals.  It wasn’t a walk in the park or anything.  But the point is, I got better.

Here’s a great Stair Drill Workout for beginners:

Interval 1&2: Walk

Interval 3: Sprint up, walk down

Interval 4: Walk

Interval 5: Walk up two stairs at a time, walk down

Interval 6: Sprint

Interval 7: Walk

And here are a few tips for your drills:

  • make sure you warmup
  • use the return to the bottom as your rest interval, then do another interval
  • work your way up to more intervals, track your progress
  • stretch after your workout
  • take BCAAs to help your muscles repair post workouthiit, workout,
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