One house. Two businesses.

Probably the question I get asked the most: Do Michael and I want to kill each other ever, since we both have our own businesses mostly from home. Answer: No…95% of the time.  The second question is

do we just stay at home and stare at each other all day?

HECK NO, we have two businesses! We’re. Busy.

It’s been 6 years since I officially quit my corporate job.  I’ve never looked back.  For Michael it’s been 2.5 years since he quit his corporate job and started his own business a short time after.  Both our jobs require us to be up and about a lot – if we so choose.  And we do! The honest truth is that each day is completely different and varied in the best way. If you’re picturing us sitting, holding hands reading books all day, NUT UH.  Not so.  The brilliant side of what we both do is that we do get to see each other quite a lot more than the average couple.  The fact though is that every day is different and varied.  Whereas some people may have the exact same work schedule every day, for us, no two days look alike.  And we thrive on that.

How we make it work as a couple:

We make two businesses work under one roof through good communication, fun, and… when needed. Respecting each others space still does mean that neither of us are scared to give and take advice – this has been huge. When one of us is stressed about a certain project we know that it helps to get the other’s opinion and see things from a different angle. This means leaving our egos at the door and being open to the other’s viewpoint. We’ve also learned that we both deal with stress differently.  At times one of us (ok fine it’s me) needs to be left alone to figure it out but other times one of us (omg it’s still me) needs all hands on deck. Can you see how communication needs to be just straight up?

But the truth is 90% of the time we laugh off most bumps along the road.  We can turn virtually anything into a joke.  Even as we’re solving a bigger issue.  Makes working from home so much more fun.

The best parts:

The highlights for our sort of lifestyle are actually hard to narrow down because there are so many.  But if asked to nail it down it would look something like this:

  1. Freedom: The flexibility to choose how we spend our days. Michael definitely handpicks which jobs he takes and how often he works, and a good portion for him is prep work he can do remotely.  For myself, I can work from ANYWHERE as long as I have wifi. This means we’re on the move when we want to be.  We can travel and work from virtually anywhere.  This is super important to us since we have property outside the city and plan on continuing to invest.  It’s also important to us since we love patios.  And working from patios.  #truth
  2. More play, less politics: We both had a fair amount of negative politics in our corporate jobs and we’ve swapped that in for two businesses where we only surround ourselves with people who are NICE and who like to play.  “Play” as in, we work hard but we also leave time to do things we love since we know that time is our most valuable commodity so you better spend it wisely.  This isn’t a work hard, play hard motto (eye roll) – this is a work hard, and enjoy your spare time so that you feel filled up and whole.  For us this means time with friends, my dog (like a lot, I’m not gonna lie), volunteering, and working out.
  3. Variety: I thrive on this! I mentioned how no two days look the same.  But both Michael and I thrive on the work week being varied and in almost constant flux.  Last week we picked up and went to Prince Edward County for the day and worked from there.  I slammed three meetings on route, he finalized one project and met some contacts there for another project.  We probably worked 3-4 hours and got to enjoy some wineries we’ve never been to out there.  Not a bad work day.  So many days we let the day unfold as it goes, knowing we’ll get it all done – and have fun.
    While I know, Social Marketing or an entrepreneurial lifestyle isn’t for everyone – I really wish it for everyone.  I think once people got the taste for it and saw the real stability of it (don’t get me started on the instability of the corporate world) – I truly think most people would jump ship.  I think fear holds a lot of people back.  The “devil you know, verses the devil you don’t” thinking.  I’m the advocate that’s going to be honest and say if you’re not afraid to work (most of us will work for someone for most of our life), consider making that person YOU.  Count on being the best boss you’ve ever had.

Photo cred: Fall For Vee

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