Working Remote

Disclaimer: EVEN IF you’re currently working a crazy schedule at your existing job, this article is for you!

This past year I’ve worked from NYC, Vegas, Los Angeles, Edmonton, Quebec, Victoria and Vancouver, Italy (Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Amalfi), Greece, Sicily, Malta, Maui, and of course wherever I’ve had wifi in good ol’ Toronto.  I’ve worked from beaches, docks, poolside, patios, coffee shops, couches, and my fave spot: MY BED.  If you’ve dreamed of working remote – this is your guide.

There are multiple jobs you can work remotely including:  freelance work, contract work, and overseas teaching.  I’m not covering those options today since they’re skill-specific (ie. they depend on your skill set).  They’re also positions where you’re exchanging time for money.  Today I’ll be focusing on working remote with Social Marketing, since you’re able to leverage your time and build something that grows exponentially, instead of simply exchanging time for money.

READ: build an empire for yourself, instead of working for someone else.

When you find the perfect Social Marketing company, hold on to it for dear life.  It’s the solution to that age old problem of: I’d like to work around my own schedule but still an amazing pay check. Even if you may be swamped in your current schedule, Social Marketing is something you build in small increments of time.  Doing so consistently will continuously grow your business so that one day, should you fancy it, you can quit your day job and work exclusively in Social Marketing, part time from anywhere in the world.  And heck, if you love your day job, enjoy the double pay check and invest wisely!

Here’s some tips to working remote with Social Marketing:

  1. Find your soulmate Social Marketing company: For myself, the second I heard about Arbonne, I was in love.  Terrified to start something different and new…but excited.  Find a Social Marketing that not only speaks to your soul, but does brilliant business.  Stay away from companies that have a small niche (aka sells one type of product). Instead search for a company that is diverse in what they do, while remaining a champion in their market.  For myself, the health and wellness field was a no brainer.  Everyone showers.  Period the end.  And Arbonne is the #1 Healthy Living Company from the Inside, Out.  Not just something you say.  Something proven by the Direct Selling Association (#boom). And who doesn’t want to be #1 at something? Align yourself with the best of the best.
  2. Anyone can work from anywhere: Remote doesn’t have to mean Italy, it can mean working from your kitchen table or better yet, your bed.  Some of my best business has been done from the comfort of my bed (get your head outta the gutter) with my laptop in my pjs.  So if travelling isn’t your jam, or if you’re limited by vacation days, truly you can work anywhere where there’s a WIFI connection.  However, as you grow your Social Marketing business, your income can help pay for trips and other treats in life.  In our economy, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t looking for an additional revenue source.  Social Marketing is one of the only avenues out there that pairs with EVERY lifestyle, for people with ANY skill set.  No experience required.  For realz.
  3. Have a solid system:  A solid system when working abroad is essential.  For myself, I can chat with anyone while travelling, send them videos or talk with them about the business opportunity and/or product I have to offer.  From there, they can buy from me or join my team, all online from my personalized Arbonne website (included when you sign up).  I don’t touch money, or arrange for shipping – all that is taken care of for me.  That’s how simple the system can be when you work with a great company. This is obviously a great plug for my company, but it’s also the 100% truth.  It’s the marriage of e-commerce and peer based marketing.  A winning combination. And one that is responsible for 178 billion in revenue in the US alone.  This isn’t small potatoes, friends.  This is a booming industry. One that’s endorsed by business legends far and wide (Think: Warren Buffett) and Forbes magazine.
  4. Don’t limit yourself: I’ve being doing Social Marketing for seven years, and the number one reason why people don’t go out and get what they actually want is because: They limit themselves.  I love seeing the potential in people.  But it’s also a fact that at times people do want more, but shrink back when it’s time to take ACTION.  Fear and doubt creep in.  Meanwhile there’s no boogie man here, only opportunity.  I cannot stress enough that if you want something different, you need to do something different.  This isn’t just motivational mumbo jumbo.  This is fact.  Law, even.  There’s an amazing excitement in starting a Social Marketing side hustle – lean into it!  And lean away from staying in the exact. same. spot.  Break up with complaining and take action.  Make decisions today, that will make you happy a year from now.  Take the limits off because the truth is that you’re the only one holding yourself back.  And with Social Marketing, there’s way too much on the table to do anything but grab hold of the opportunity and…run!

Hope you enjoyed this summary on working remote with Social Marketing.  Interested in joining my team? Message me a and I’ll send you some information to help you decide if this industry is for you!

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