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Talk less

Hustle Tip of the Day: I don’t care if you’re waiting to lose weight. Waiting to start your side gig.  Waiting for the right time to start breeding prized puggles.  You’re always “getting something” out of waiting. Usually it’s that it feels good to NOT do something and to stay the same. But the same…

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6 Ways to build your business {while still working that day job}

The grind can be real when juggling a few gigs. When you’re building your new business around your current day job, it’s easy to feel like you’re being pulled in all directions. You’re not alone, and YEAH it’s worth it. Having grown my social marketing business around a corporate schedule, and freelance moonlighting – I’m…

3 huge mistakes I made in business

Basically guys, I’m going to tell you the times I’ve proverbially stepped in doggie doo in business and walked around for a bit too long without realizing it.  Ya.  That’s the analogy I’m choosing here.  And trust me it’s appropriate! I tried to make it look EASY, breezy.  When I first started my business and started…

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One step closer

Entrepreneur Quote of the Day: Every strike brings me closer to the next home run. –Babe Ruth Outfit of the Day – Sweater: Oak and Fort | Denim Jumper: Zara | Earrings: Jenny Bird | Sunglasses: Super | Boots: Nordstrom

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Can you kick it?

Today’s post is for the professional procrastinators.  The peeps who are constantly talking themselves out of going for “it’. (IT being the new project, the new gig, the side hustle), and always talking themselves into just Netflixing their problems away. Zero disses to Netflix but if you’re like me, you’ve likely logged enough time on…

Pressing GO

Welcome to my new website! This little puppy has been a few months in the physical making, but truthfully for the past few years I’ve been mulling over a return to blogging.  So – I’m back!  But completely different.  In 2008 (which was zero dark 100 in the blogging world) I created a wedding website/blog…